Hello, I am Daryl Lukas

A Software engineer based in Lusaka.

I make cloud (web) and mobile applications.


You can do more than just console.log()

The JavaScript console object has a number of methods that can be very useful to debugging. Below are a few examples: This method allows to you create new inline (and collapsible) groups in the console output. You can close/exit the inline group by calling console.groupEnd().

How to import data into Firebase's Firestore

This is a quick post to show you how to import CSV or JSON data into Firestore. If you data is in CSV format, you will need to convert it to JSON format using an online tool called CSVJSON. This guide uses Python. You can…

Hello, I am Daryl Lukas

I’m a Software engineer based in Lusaka, Zambia. I’ve got a passion for problem-solving and enjoy helping my clients create the best solutions for their problems. I also enjoy teaching and sharing the knowledge I’ve learned over the years. I mostly work with JavaScript (React.js…